DXT Drift Trike


With its full size steel frame, moto-style construction and 10″ slick surface rear wheels, the DXT Drift Trike is built for edge-of-your-seat downhill drifting action.

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  • Ages 14 and up
  • Max weight 198 lbs
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Where Downhill Meets Drift

There you are.  You and your friends, staring at the sickest downhill ride of all time.  If only you had a drift trike that’s as extreme as you are.  Well, you’re in luck. The Razor DXT with its moto-style steel construction and 10” slick rear wheels built for edge-of-your-seat downhill drifting in the straightaways while handling the tightest of curves.  With the DXT your downhill racing just got way more radical.


Hop On and Hold On.

The innovative Razor DXT Drift Trike packs a punch with a thrilling ride and unique features. From the super-stylish to the wild and crazy, this high-performance, adrenaline-pumping rides set a new standard for fun on wheels.

dxt drift trike ride video 1:55


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“DXT Drift Trike”

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