Carbon Lux Scooter


Sleek urban commuter scooter or low-key weekend scooter? The Carbon Lux keeps it cool and stylish every day with a textured anti-slip deck, big wheels and slick city styling.

  • Ages 8 and up
  • Max weight 220 lbs
SKU: 13013203

Lux, Carbon Lux

If Bond had a scooter, this is the one he’d whip out of his Aston Martin DB10 – check out its sleek black matte finish, extra-large red wheels, a carbon fiber textured anti-slip deck, and a kickstand.


Smooth Riding

Featuring adjustable handles, a rigid heavy-duty steel frame for maximum durability and extra-large wheels make for a smooth ride.


Sleek Matte Finish

The Carbon Lux is the slickest, sickest choice for those who like to make big entrances, quick getaways, and prefer their beverages blended, not stirred.