A6 Scooter

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Designed with taller riders in mind, the A6 features handlebars that adjust to an incredible height of 42″, an extra-long deck with additional foot room, and ultra-sized, ultra-sturdy 10″ urethane wheels.

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  • Ages 8 and up
  • Max weight 220 lbs

Almost drives itself

“Speedy.”  “Responsive.”  “Almost drives itself.”  They’re not talking about their Audi, they’re talking about our A6 scooter, designed to dominate in the urban jungle.


No more hunching

Built for the vertically endowed, the A6 scooter’s 42” extra-tall handlebars mean no more hunching, and the extra-long deck means no more feet scrunching.  With its sturdy aluminum frame and super-sized urethane wheels, one kick gives you longer glide, greater speed, and takes your commute from zero to awesome in 60 seconds.

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“A6 Scooter”