Laura Whitmore rides a Crazy Cart with The Script!

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TV presenter Laura Whitmore jumps front of stage post gig at the o2 with The Script to ride a Razor Crazy Cart! Go view her Instagram video post of her ride on her profile also –

So what do The Script get up to after they play a massive gig? This. Sure.

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Top Gear Crazy Cart Facebook viral video now launched on You Tube

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The ‘INSANE Crazy Cart Drifting – Top Gear Magazine’ video of which had previously reached viral status with 1.4 million views on Facebook, has now been launch on You Tube. Within the first 24 hours the video has reached 85 thousand views, of which were exclusively generated from the Top Gear You Tube channel subscribers sharing the video themselves. This alone is great news and proves that the video content is rich. The question now is, will the video on You Tube reach the same heights as it did on the Facebook platform. The You Tube platform provides further longevity for video content due to wider search and recommendation power and greater accessibility. You Tube is truly the snail in this experiment but will slow and steady eventually win the race?

Top Gear mag feature Crazy Cart XL – 1.2 mil views in 24hrs

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Johnny Herbert Razor Crazy Cart demo

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Check out all the action when Johnny Herbert took one of our Razor Crazy Cart’s for a full product demo around Britons longest go kart track at one of his very special charity events. This year’s event marked the 20th anniversary of the Johnny Herbert Karting Challenge at​ Capital Karts Barking with the usual well-loved format of entered teams racing alongside celebrity drivers from the world of motor racing and entertainment (3 hour endurance race).​

Johnny’s event has been running since 1994 and has raised a lot of much needed funds for various charities such as Sparks – The Kidney Research fund – Air Ambulance Units – The Harry Birrell Scholarship Trust and The halow project​.