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Where can I find my ID? Example Barcode Barcode

Where is my barcode/ serial number located?

Electric Barcodes

are located in four different locations on its electric powered products – on the charger, on the vehicle frame, on the plastic body and on the box

Scooter Barcodes

are located on the side of the deck

Hovertrax Barcodes

are located on the underside of the unit.

Let’s get you some help…

Unfortunately, we don’t have any specific help content online about your product. But, don’t worry! Our fantastic customer support team is only a phone call or email away, and they’d love to help you with any issue or replacement part that’s on your mind.

Call us at (866) 467-2967 on weekdays from 8-5 PST or email us here. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

If you want someone nearby to take a look at your ride, you can find one of our local service centers here.

If you are outside of the United States, please find a list of Razor International Customer Service teams here.

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