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#RideRazor Prizes

This Month’s #RIDERAZOR Prizes

  • #RideRazor Prize: Hovertrax 2.0 Hovertrax 2.0

    1st Place Prize

    MSRP: $459.99

    Hovertrax 2.0 has been upgraded with EverBalance™ auto self-balancing sensor, fender bumpers for added protection and cool-blue LED light bars, making it easier than ever to enjoy some futuristic fun for up to 60 minutes.

  • #RideRazor Prize: Power Core E90 Power Core E90

    2nd Place Prize

    MSRP: $129.99

    The Razor Power Core E90 ups the ante for electric scooters once again. Power Core is Razor’s breakthrough hub motor technology that integrates the electric motor directly into the rear wheel hub, which eliminates the need for a chain.

  • #RideRazor Prize: RipSurf RipSurf

    3rd Place Prize

    MSRP: $99.99

    Designed in Southern California, RipSurf has street surfers around the world rejoicing. Razor’s all-new patented design allows riders to cut and carve up the city pavement, just like a real surfboard!

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How to Enter the #RIDERAZOR Hashtag Competition

Tag all your Razor related photos and videos with the ‘#RideRazor’ and ‘#RazorContest’ hashtags on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube for your chance to win some great prizes! Visit the #RideRazor contest hub each month to vote for your favorite competitors and find out who wins - good luck!

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  • How do I enter the #RideRazor Hashtag Competition?

    Post your original photos and videos using the #RideRazor and #RazorContest hashtags to your Instagram, Twitter or YouTube account. We can only consider posts where account is set to “public”…

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  • Who can vote? Can I ask my friends and family vote for my post?

    All members of the public may vote. There is a limit of one vote per day per person during the contest period. Come back each day to find out who’s in the lead…

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  • Which Social Networks can I post on to enter?

    Post your #RideRazor #RazorContest photos and videos to: Instagram, Twitter, YouTube…

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  • How many videos and photos can I post to enter?

    Post as many videos and photos for consideration as you’d like! The contest restarts with new contestants every month and we’re constantly looking for new tagged posts…

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  • Can I tag @RazorWorldwide in my post too?

    Sure! You don’t have to, but we’re happy to have you tag our @RazorWorldwide social media accounts…

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  • What are some tips to become a #RideRazor competitor?

    Here are some helpful tips to consider: Make sure your photos and videos are original and were not taken from somebody else. Make sure your photos and videos have a Razor ride in them…

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