Jetts Heel Wheels DLX


LED Light-up wheels and real sparking action make the NEW Razor Jetts DLX the brightest ride around. Simply step up, strap up, and take off!

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  • Ages 8 and up
  • Max weight 176 lbs
SKU: 25056196

Spark it up

Arrive floating on air and spark it up when you leave.  With Jetts, the original heel wheels, strapped to your everyday kicks there’s no need to carpool, because the world is at your feet.  Strap in and step down on the heel to let the sparks fly.


A new dimension of fun

The glowing, LED wheels and translucent, polycarbonate frame will take you to another dimension of fun, with an extra burst of flashing sparks when you want to really light it up.

Fits shoes U.S. youth 12 through adult 12.

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