RipStik Electric


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  • Ages 9 and up
  • Max weight 143 lbs
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Snowboard Inspired Action

The RipStik Electric puts the power of electrifying carving action in the palm of your hand. With its innovative hub motor and lithium ion battery, the RipStik Electric unleashes a continuous flow of twist and carve, surf and snowboard inspired action. New Power Core Technology is maintenance free (no alignment, no chain, no chain tensioner).


Power Core Technology

If the Terminator had a skateboard, this would be it.  One ride on the Ripstick Electric Caster Board – and YOU’LL BE BACK for more.   Just kick off, then step on and let the Bluetooth remote take over, throttling up to 10mph, with 40 minutes of continuous carving action.  After you’ve let it rip – just lean back, relax, and let the hassle-free Powercore motor do all the futuristic stuff.

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“RipStik Electric”

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