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Razor Hovertrax DLX 2.0

Hover Meets Flash!

Innovation meets party mode with the new and improved Hovertrax™ DLX 2.0. With its exotic finishes and multi-color LED lights with color shifting effects, the Hovertrax DLX 2.0 brings a futuristic flash to the hover-like ride of our self-balancing electric scooter. The new pressure-less self-balancing sensor adds to the effortless glide and 360 degree turn radius, while added fender protection and full width traction pads keep you in perfect balance for up to 60 minutes of hover-riding action. Swap out the battery with the new quick-change feature to keep the effortless spins, turns and gliding action going.


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Safety First | UL Listed

Razor was the first US brand to receive the UL 2272 listing for safety, ensuring Hovertrax DLX 2.0 meets or exceeds the highest fire and electrical standards.

Superior Technology

Our exclusive EverBalance™ technology provides an intelligently-engineered, state-of-the-art, self-balancing experience for an easier mount and smoother ride, every time.

Uncompromised Quality

Razor Hovertrax DLX 2.0 offers the quality, safety, service and style you've come to expect from the world's largest manufacturer of electric recreational products.

Hovertrax DLX 2.0 Closer Look

Click-and-drag the Hovertrax DLX 2.0 to spin it around 360º

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    • Max Rider Weight: 220 lbs
    • Age: 8+
    • Finishes: Spectrum, Carbon Fiber, Galaxy
    • Product Weight: 29 lbs
    • Product Dimensions: 24" L x 8.75" W x 8.25" H
    • Patents: U.S. Patent No. 8,738,278, Chinese Patent No. CN203158157
    • Includes:Battery power indicator, balance level and mode, and battery charger
    • Product decoration and specifications subject to change without notice
    • No assembly required


    • UL 2272 Listed: Meets the industry's highest electrical standards
    • EverBalance™ Technology: Automatically levels the Hovertrax 2.0 for an easier mount and extremely smooth ride
    • Up to 60 minutes of continuous use
    • Speed: 9 mph (14 km/h) cruise speed
    • Lights:Multi-color LED display, dual LED hub motors
    • Wheels: Rubber tires with aluminum hubs


    • Frame: Shatter-resistant polymer with fender bumper protection
    • Motors: Silent, dual 135 watt (cruising power), 350 watt (peak power) hub motors with gyro sensor technology
    • Steering: Foot controlled, seamless maneuvering
    • Foot Platforms: Anti-slip rubber
    • Quick change 36V lithium ion battery pack with LG cells
    • Training Mode and Normal Mode

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