Wheels: Rubber tires with aluminum hubs Frame: Shatter-resistant polymer with fender bumper protectionMotors: Silent, dual 135 watt (cruising power), 350 watt (peak power) hub motors with gyro sensor technologySteering: Foot controlled, seamless maneuveringFoot Platforms: Anti-slip rubber


Razor Hovertrax™ 2.0

The Hovertrax Revolution Continues!

Get ready for round two of our revolutionary ride with the new and improved Hovertrax™ 2.0. Revamped with an auto self-balancing sensor, fender bumpers for added protection and cool-blue LED light bars, the Hovertrax 2.0 makes it easier than ever to enjoy some futuristic fun for up to 60 minutes. Swap out the battery with the new quick-change feature to keep the effortless spins, turns and gliding action going.


About The Hovertrax™ 2.0

  • Specifications
    • Max: 220 lbs
    • Age: 8+
    • Colors: Red, Blue, White, Black, Green
    • Product Weight: 27 lbs
    • Product Dimensions: 24.5'' L x 9'' W x 8.75'' H
    • Patents: U.S. Patent No. 8,738,278
    • Includes battery charger
    • Product decoration and specifications subject to change without notice
    • No assembly required
  • Full Feature List
    • Auto self-balancing
    • Up to 60 minutes of continuous use
    • Speed: 6 mph (10 km/h) cruise speed
    • Training Mode and Normal Mode
    • Quick change 36V lithium ion battery packwith LG cells
    • Wheels: Rubber tires with aluminum hubs
    • LED indicator shows battery power and riding mode
    • Frame: Shatter-resistant polymer with fender bumper protection
    • Blue LED light bars
    • Motors: Silent, dual 135 watt (cruising power), 350 watt (peak power) hub motors with gyro sensor technology
    • Steering: Foot controlled, seamless maneuvering
    • Foot Platforms: Anti-slip rubber
  • For Owners
Hovertrax™ 2.0 Highlights
  • Ride Into the Future — Razor Hovertrax

    Riding the Razor Hovertrax feels like riding the hover board of your dreams. Get to your destination faster and with style on the ultimate electric smart scooter from Razor. Ride indoors and outdoors, cruise and spin on this futuristic ride.

  • Smart Balancing, Smart Scooter

    Smart balancing gyro-sensor technology makes the Razor Hovertrax a super smooth ride that's fun for riders to master. Move around with precision with the highly accurate stabilization provided by Hovertrax's smart balancing technology.

  • Razor's Legacy of Innovation

    The Razor Hovertrax is built for the most epic rider in mind. Hovertrax smart scooters are constructed with a shatter-resistant polymer build and durable rubber wheels. Like every Razor product, the Hovertrax keeps up with your every journey.