Wild Ones Junior Kick Scooter Unicorn

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Wild Ones Junior Kick Scooter Unicorn


  • Ages 30+ months
  • Max weight 44 lbs
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Uncompromised Quality

The Razor Wild Ones junior kick scooter offers the quality, safety, service, and style you’ve come to expect from this leading manufacturer of youth lifestyle recreational products. While there are many products out there, choose Razor, a brand America knows and trusts. Accept no imitations.

Helps Build the Balance & Skills Kids Need to Learn to Ride a Two-Wheel Scooter

With a low deck perfect for little learners, Wild Ones junior kick scooter keep kids and their feet closer to the ground, enabling them to learn to balance and build the skills – and the confidence – needed to master two-wheeled rides.

Awesome Designs for Your (Wild!) One!

With a toothy Shark, daring Dinosaur, and fantastical Unicorn, each featuring a 3D eye and colorful deck design, there’s a Wild One just right for every new rider.

Built to Last

Wild Ones junior kick scooters feature steel-reinforced handlebars, and large, extra-wide, slow-rolling wheels for a smooth, sturdy ride every time.


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Frame: Injection-molded plastic
Handlebars: Steel-reinforced with 3D (lenticular) eye graphic
Grips: Soft, foam
Deck: Low to the ground, extra-wide, character-inspired graphics on full-deck grip tape
Wheels: 6.5” (164 mm) diameter, 3” (76.2 mm) wide, slow-rolling tires
Patents Pending
Adult Assembly Required
Age: 30+ months
Max Rider Weight: 44 lb (20 kg)
Assembled Product Dimensions: 26.06” (66.2 cm) x 10.55” (26.8 cm) x 22.24” (56.5 cm)
Product Weight: 6.1 lb (2.77 kg)


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• Learn to Balance and the build the skills needed to ride a two-wheeled scooter with a wide, low
deck that keeps kids closer to the ground!
• Two extra-wide, slow-rolling wheels made for indoor or outdoor use, eliminate the need for a
third wheel, reducing the hesitation of transitioning from a three-wheeled to a two-wheeled
• Extra-wide, low deck featuring character-inspired grip tape graphics teaches kids appropriate
foot placement and makes it fun to ride just like the big kids.
• Three awesome character designs to choose from – Shark, Dinosaur, and Unicorn – each with a
fun 3D eye and colorful deck.

13 reviews for Wild Ones Junior Kick Scooter Unicorn

  1. aeem2005

    These Wild Ones kick scooters for toddlers are super fun and adorable! My 3 year old took right to this and it was super easy for her to learn how to maneuver. I love that this has a low deck for her to use and that the two big wheels roll slowly so that it doesn’t go too fast. The fun design is just an adorable bonus! These work really well inside or outside. We practiced inside the house for a bit before going outside with it, and she did great! It’s the perfect tool for little ones to learn how to balance and use a scooter with. It also is super easy and quick to put together out of the box. I highly recommend this for any little one learning how to use a scooter!

  2. jhowden2014

    I loved this product. Not only did my daughter fall immediately in love with the color and the unicorn pattern, but she picked up on how to ride it right away. She has never been on a scooter, but just recently started riding a bike with training wheels. Her balance is decent, but the wide wheels and thick handlebars on these Jr. Rides Razor Scooters help so much. She was doing great and I could see her confidence building each time she got back one. It’s a great investment for kids who are looking forward to that big kid scooter or bike. I highly recommend this product!

  3. [email protected]

    I am highly satisfied with the quality of this product. I love the grips on the handles and the material of the scooter. It has large wheels that make a smooth ride. It also features a grit grip base for safety so kids don’t slide off the scooter. It’s perfect for learners and the height is just right for any 2-1/2 to 3 year old. I would highly recommend.

  4. mommyo

    My rating is a 4.5/5

    We got to try this product out as a part of a Tryazon party and I really enjoyed it. Putting the product together was very easy! It took about 6 minutes and required only the hardware in the box. The rainbow design is also grip tape. The bright colors and pastel pink helped to engage my daughter. The handlebars are soft and at the perfect height for my 3 year old!

    My little girl lacks coordination and often does not enjoy wheeled toys. However; the wide wheels made it easy for her to balance, she got the hang of riding after a couple laps!

    I highly recommend this product for toddlers. It isn’t just the big guys product shrunk down, it is redesigned with a toddler’s size and ability in mind.

  5. mamarex

    I recieved this product from Razor through Tryazon in return for my honest opinion.
    I absolutely LOVE it. The size is perfect for my 3 year old. The wide gripped base keeps kids feet from slipping off. The soft handles are comfortable for little hands. The wide large wheels help them balance with added security. We had friends ranging between 2 to 5 years old and all were enjoying it. The price point is right on and the quality is top notch!

  6. lovessaving

    My daughter LOVES this little scooter. She can go ride with her big brothers and I feel safe. It’s wide and low to the ground. It’s been easy for her to learn on.
    The handle bar do not adjust so once she gets a little bigger we will have to move up to the t3.

  7. breetalks

    This was perfect for my 2 1/2 year old that wants to keep up with her older siblings. It is sturdy and so much easier for her to learn balance, plus it’s cute! The handle grips are nice and spongy, the wide deck has grip tape to help keep her from sliding off and the wheels are nice and wide too! Overall, this is a really good starter scooter for little ones!

  8. littlemanbun

    This has been the perfect scooter for our little ones to learn how to work a scooter. With the larger and wide wheels, they are great to teach balance. The height and width of the scooter itself is a perfect size for toddlers. The material is soft and no need to worry about them getting cut or hurt on. The handles have a soft grip perfect for their little hands! Highly recommend these as a gift or just some indoor/outdoor fun!

  9. [email protected]

    My four year loves this scooter because of how durable it is and for the big wheels. She can be a bit rough with things and this scooter is holding up great! Highly recommend.

  10. [email protected]

    Ok this scooter is Amazing for those little beginning riders to start to find their balance and learn to ride all the other razor products. It has extra wide wheels for added stability giving the little tots more stability while still feeling that balance point. These are on point!

  11. cj455

    Love the new wild ones. They are great for the little ones to say they can’t ride. The extra wide wheels makes it great for beginners to balance. After a few times my friends daughter felt more confident in leaning to balance on it. In the beginning she kept saying it can’t. Within 10 minutes she was riding.

  12. lancefriday945

    Daughter loves her scooter as she just turned 3 not too long ago. She has been having a great time using this scooter to help her balance and it is the perfect height for her to use by herself. The quality of this scooter is much better than I expected.

  13. hchristman

    My daughter LOVES this scooter! She hopped right on and figured it out very quickly. I love the wide tires to help her balance. Perfect size for toddlers!

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