What’s on Your Razor Wishlist?

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Chosen by kids—Crazy Cart makes Walmart’s Top 20 Toys List!

Crazy Cart on Walmart's 2014 Chosen by Kids List

The real toy experts have spoken: the Razor Crazy Cart is a must-have toy this year. Who are these experts? Kids of course! Who can tell what’s fun better than kids? Check out Walmart’s official Chosen by Kids list of the best toys every kid’s asking for this holiday season.

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    • Berry
    • California Longboard
    • Crazy Cart
    • Dirt Quad
    • E100 Glow
    • PowerRider 360
    • Razor Dirt Scooter (RDS)
    • Rift
    • RipStik Air Pro
    • SX500 McGrath

The most-talked about electric ride on to ever hit the market,

the Razor Crazy Cart has two driving modes – go cart and Crazy Cart mode – allowing the driver to choose on the fly. The Crazy Cart can drive forward, reverse, sideways, diagonally and everything in between. Pull the Drift Bar for crazy drifts, crazy spins and crazy fun.

The Razor Crazy Cart is the ultimate drifting machine AND winner of the 2014 Outdoor Toy of the Year Award.

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