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The Vapor Delta 500 Wins!

Apr 18, 2012

Best Toys of 2012
Vapor Delta 500
Check this out!  awarded the Vapor Delta 500 a Best Toys of 2012 award!  They also reviewed the Delta and  it’s a great overview of, well, the awesomeness of the gel ammo blaster.  See the review here:

Here’s an excerpt:

The Delta 500 (500 because that’s the gel ammo that comes with it) is pretty much just super awesome. The whole thing is quick and easy to use, making for a fun time that can last hours. It features-

  • Long-range firing action (up to 80 feet)
  • A removable stock
  • Blasts 100 rounds of ammo with no reload
  • 500 pieces of gel ammo

Find out more about the Vapor Delta 500 at

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