The Razor Epic Drift Bar Championship

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Razor Drift Bar Championship

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    Razor Drift Bar Champion - Gus's Magic BusRazor Drift Bar Champion - Hot Momma D

    Gasser Gus’ Magic Bus

    Ol’ Gasser Gus got tired of school zone speed limits. Now the wheels on this bus go smoking and screeching sideways as classmates death-grip their seats. Barf bags on-board, maybe you’ll decide to walk to school.

    Hot Momma D

    Styled, profiled and this drift is dialed! Hot Momma D don’t wait around for her Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, once she got her Razor Drift Bar installed she started drifting through the grocery store parking lot mashing down shopping carts with groceries flying.

  • Gus' Magic BusHot Momma D

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The Epic Razor Drift Bar Championship

Who is the #1 Drifter? You decide!

Reporting LIVE from the Razor Epic Drift Bar Championship Tournament here in Southern California—brought to you by the Razor Crazy Cart, the ONLY official Razor Drift Bar ride on the planet.

The patented Razor Drift Bar is the magic behind the Razor Crazy Cart. This bad mother lets you drift, powerslide and whip 360s. Let me just tell you from experience…this baby rips!

Which of our 10 crazy contestants will win the Razor Epic Drift Bar Championship? We need YOU to VOTE for your favorite in each matchup to crown our winner!