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    Razor Announces New Scoot Share Program

    Apr 01, 2014

    Razor Scoot Share

    Razor is excited to announce the launch of the Razor™ Scoot Share™ Program, an on-demand scooter sharing system for metropolitan areas. Building on the success of initiatives like Citi BikeSM in New York City, the Razor Scoot Share program aims to provide an alternative transit option for those more comfortable riding one of Razor’s iconic scooters versus a bike.

    While most agree about the benefits of introducing alternative transit options in cities, there are many who see the bike share movement as a public hazard more so than a public service. The issue, hordes of individuals who either never learned how to ride a bike or haven’t ridden one in years being loosed on busy city streets, left to navigate traffic – be it cars, bike lanes or pedestrians – without the necessary skills and awareness one needs to contend with such hazards.

    But, with the smaller learning curve for operating a scooter, lower speeds and greater control versus a bike, the Scoot Share Program eases concerns about riding skills and provides a great, fun alternative for traversing city streets. In addition, the smaller size of the scooter will provide users greater flexibility in their use, allowing users to carry the scooter with them to make stops or hang on to it between trips without having to immediately find the next closest Scoot Share Station.

    The Scoot Share Program will get its launch in the greater Los Angeles area Summer 2014, with additional launches in New York City and Austin, Tx in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015.

    A mobile version of the Scoot Share Program will also be made available for special events beginning in 2015.