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    Our ZOMBIE EXPERTS Will Get You Ready for MONSTOBER

    Oct 21, 2014

    What do zombies look like? What do they eat? Watch as our Razor Jr team gets answers to these tough questions and more in our Q & A session with zombie experts.

    Turn your child into a little zombie with the spook-tacular new Razor Jr Zombie Kix. The extra wide deck and three-wheel frame help young riders stay on their feet as they build coordination and balance, while the detailed hand grips kickstart young imaginations for the ultimate zombie role play.

    The Razor Jr Zombie Kix is available now on the Razor site and at major retailers. However don’t wait too long, right now it’s 25% off on through October 31st with coupon code SPOOKMONSTER14.

    Check out these links for more information and to buy the Zombie Kix:

    Check out the whole Razor Jr line at

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