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What Makes Razor Jr. t3 a Best Seller?

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Guest Post by Ian Desberg
VP Design & Development at Razor USA

Razor t3 - The Only Three-Wheeler You'll Ever Need

Parents Choice Award - t3 20162016 Parents’ Choice Awards named Razor Jr. t3 scooter winner in the Toy category!

The Razor Design and Development team set out to design and build a junior scooter to compete with high-end European brands. What came out the other end was an award-winning uniquely stylish high-performance scooter called t3.

t3 stands for “Tilt to Turn”…

The t3 is designed as an entry level junior 3 wheeler that extends skill building past learning basics. The t3 not only provides the balance and confidence needed to progress to 2 wheelers but delivers precision turning, speed and controlled braking taking scooter skills to the next level. The Razor Jr. t3 is designed to make scooting fun for even more advanced riders by employing a flexible deck for a lively feel and precision wheel bearings for speed and stability. The Razor t3 lengthens the longevity and usefulness of the 3 wheel concept past other entry level 3 wheelers in the marketplace. Tool free assembly, polyurethane wheels, durable rubber grips, a unique look and unbeatable price point marks t3 the new benchmark in the 3 wheel category.

The t3 is fun, exciting and sporty for junior riders because of the high performance it delivers. It carries an edgy design and color direction that will continue to be relevant and aspirational as kids grow from preschool into the next class of scooters and ride-ons by age 6. The use of black not only distinguishes the item from low end 3 wheeled competitors but offers an alternative from the standard blue for boys pink for girls.


The Razor Design and Development team started at ground level by researching the combination of physical and mechanical characteristics that would deliver the most dynamic ride for youngsters. Steering mechanisms, turning radiuses and deck composites all play a role in building a scooter that is fun to ride. Designer Nari Cho incorporated the t3 logo into the steering mechanism to produce an animated feature that sets the tone for the style.

We achieved all of the great features mentioned above at an amazing retail price of $49.99 making Razor Jr. t3 our top selling junior scooter since hitting the market earlier this spring.

Check out the t3 ride video

Which Razor Ride is the Perfect Holiday Gift?

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Be a Holiday Hero with Razor’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

Which Razor ride would make a great gift? Match the rider with their perfect ride using our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and be a Holiday Hero!

Don’t forget to take our Holiday Gift Guide with you to shop for your rider’s perfect ride!

Download the Razor Holiday Gift Guide

Step aside Santa, we’ve got a new holiday hero. Watch your rider’s eyes light up with all the possibilities of adventure as they unwrap their Razor gift. Then snap a pic of the joyous rider, share it on Razor’s Facebook page with the hashtag #RideRazor for a chance to win even more goodies.

And if you’re shopping for Santa himself, we think we have an idea what might be his perfect ride …

POLL: What Rides Do Your Lil’ Ones Love?

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For every kid, there is a Razor ride and a style that goes along with it.

Check out the Razor Jr. rides that inspired these styles:

Razor Jr. Lil' Crazy - Vote Now!Lil’ Crazy:
Move over, big bro and big sis, this little one is coming at ya full speed on the Razor Jr. Lil’ Crazy. Inspired by the Razor Crazy Cart, this electric ride on is specifically built for beginners.


Razor Jr. Mini Mod - Vote Now!Mini Mod — Style & Flair:
Do you have a stylin’ little one who wants to be cool just like mom and dad? The Razor Jr. Mini Mod is a totally hip, bright colored ride that builds coordination in a super fun way.


Razor Jr. Kitten Kix - Vote Now!Kitten Kix — Cute as a Kitten:
Can we get a “meow”? With giant fur paws and glittery wheels, the Razor Jr. Kitten Kix is a Razor scooter that feline fans will be clawing over.


Razor Jr. Robo Kix - Vote Now!Robo Kix — Total Go-bot:
A futuristic cruising machine of robotic proportions, the Razor Jr. Robo Kix takes little ones on out of this world adventures.

A Lil’ Crazy Summer Drifting Action

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Whether you are 3 or 103, you need some drifting action! Get started with the new Lil’ Crazy!

Check out the Lil’ Crazy, for ages 3 and up. Razor’s mini version of the wildly popular Crazy Cart has simple controls for ages 3+ and up to a 40 minute ride time. It doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Spark it Up with the GFD Fury

If you’re looking to kick it up a few zillion notches, the new Razor GFD Fury will deliver. Picture a flurry of drifting, powerslides, 180s…leaving behind a shower of sparks when you pull the unique Spark Bar. How’s that for attention getting?

Watch the video of the GFD Fury in action:

Buy these two all-new Razor drifting carts exclusively available at Toys”R”Us.

Buy Razor Jr Lil’ Crazy

Buy Razor GFD Fury

VOTE for YOUR Summer 2015 Razor Ride Style

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Drifting, Soaring or Sparking? What's YOUR favorite summer ride style?

RAZOR WANTS TO KNOW….what’s your ride style?

What’s going to be the Razor ride style of Summer 2015? Take part in this quick poll and tell us what you’re feeling this summer. Vote for your favorite ride style, and see what kind of action your fellow Razor riders are gearing up for:

Choose one style:

  1. DRIFTING: For the ultimate in spinning and drifting action, the Razor Crazy CartCrazy Cart XL, and Lil’ Crazy are your go-to rides.
  2. SOARING: Seeking a smooth, soaring ride? Try the self-propelled Razor DeltaWing.
  3. SPARKING: If you have a flair for the dramatic, check out the GFD Fury.