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Download Crazy Cart Ultimate Drift, the Free Crazy Cart Game for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone

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Razor Crazy Cart: Ultimate Drift let’s you go head-on as the driver of the Crazy Cart. Race in a fun urban city, drift and dodge through an obstacle course and do 360º spins in the palm of your hand! Watch the gameplay video: Download the free app. Available now for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone devices…. Read more »

Download Razor Trickshare, the Free Razor Scooter App for iPhone, iPad and Android

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* Attribution: iPhone 6 Mockup courtesy of Cloud Castle The iPhone 6 is available in stores this Friday, but you don’t have to wait until then to download the free Razor Trickshare app, available NOW for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. And if you’re stuck waiting in line Friday, make sure you have your Razor scooter… Read more »

Save a Bus, Ride Razor

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25 million+ students go to school by bus each day.Commuting by school bus is the largest form of mass transit in America. And one yellow school bus keeps about 36 cars off the road, saving BILLIONS of dollars in fuel and reducing pollution in our air, according to the American School Bus Council. A+ for that! We’d like… Read more »

The Razor Epic Drift Bar Championship

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VOTE NOW for your favorite drift racers! Choose the best drifter below for each round. The Epic Razor Drift Bar Championship Who is the #1 Drifter? You decide! Reporting LIVE from the Razor Epic Drift Bar Championship Tournament here in Southern California—brought to you by the Razor Crazy Cart, the ONLY official Razor Drift Bar… Read more »