5 Fun Fall Rides

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*Remember to check your local state and city’s riding laws before tearing up any of these sweet riding spots.

Fall is finally here! Whether you’re looking for a fun family outing or heading out on a solo session, make the most of this awesome weather with a killer fall ride on whichever Razor ride you’re rocking. From the traditional to the off-the-beaten (but still paved) path, we’ve got some great ideas for this weekend’s ride, like:

1. Downtown

5 Fun Fall Rides - #1 Ride Through and Empty Business District

Riding through an empty business district on the weekend can be exhilarating. Having the city all to yourself makes for a sweet ride, whether you’re out for a casual cruise on your Hovertrax 2.0 or kicking off a sick trick session and rushing the parking ramps on your El Dorado Pro Scooter.

  • Pro-tip: Don’t live near downtown? Business parks are often empty on the weekends, too, and offer some seriously smooth sidewalks, minus the sky scrapers.

2. Rail Trails

Rail trails are old, unused railways that have been converted into smooth multi-use paths. Cool right?! For the most part, that means miles of flat, paved trails usually running through very beautiful and/or historical areas of your town. Find the closest trails available to you using TrailLink then grab your favorite Razor scooter or ride and get going!

3. Beach/Shore

5 Fun Fall Rides - Stretch summer a little longer with one last waterfront ride!
Stretch summer just a little longer with one last waterfront ride! Most beach towns offer a paved bike path along the shore, as do most of the larger lakes. And when the water really does get too cold, you can still cut and carve up the boardwalk on your Razor RipSurf.

  • Pro-tip: Also a killer spot for snacks and cool drinks along the way.

4. A High School or School Playground

Visit a middle school or high school on the weekend and you won’t see a soul! Making this location the perfect spot to take your Razor scooter or Crazy Cart for a ride. Trust us — we do it all the time!

  • Pro-tip: Check out the school track for an endless paved path with zero obstacles – perfect for challenging your friends to a race!

5. Empty Parking Lot or Structure

5 Fun Fall Rides - Drift, Drive, Spin through an abandoned lot
These spaces can have miles of paved runway, perfect for drifting, driving and spinning. And for Halloween, what’s spookier than being in an empty, “abandoned” lot (scary)…with friends (oh, not so scary)…at night (scarier)…with ZOMBIES?! (scariest!)

  • Pro-tip: Check your surroundings. Some lots may be private property, so check first, ask permission and follow all posted rules and local laws.

So call your crew and coordinate your next meetup! Or show us your favorite fall ride! Tag your rides on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube with #RideRazor and #RazorContest for a chance to win one of our #RideRazor prizes!

10 Ways to Make Your Commute Way Cooler

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Yes, commuting can suck — but it doesn’t have to! Check out our tips and tricks for making your commute cooler and learn to rock your daily ride!

1. Change It Up

Razor's 10 Ways to Make Your Commute Cooler - Change Up Your Route
Seeing the same sights, day after day, gets pretty monotonous. Shaking things up with a change of scenery can make your commute way more interesting. Check out Google Maps and try an alternate route tomorrow to make your commute feel less like drudgery and more like an adventure. (That’s how we found Satellite Park, maybe we’ll see you there!)

2. Stop at Starbucks

Break your commute up with a coffee stop! Knowing a treat is en route makes commuting a little sweeter and, let’s face it, a little caffeine never hurt anybody. And maybe you’ll find a sweet new spot on your brand new route (see #1).

3. Meet a Friend

Razor's 10 Ways to Make Your Commute Cooler - Meet a Friend
Stopping for a quick coffee or a cronut? Leave 30 minutes early and schedule a meet up with a friend. Connecting, even for a few minutes, decreases stress levels and turns your commute into a catch-up session.

4. Listen Up

The Mozart Effect is real, friends, so consider tuning in to some relaxing music on your morning ride; you’ll feel calmer and less anxious. Of course, if you want to crank it up on your ride home — check out these sweet ghetto blasters that attach right to your scooter handlebars for headphone-free listening:

5. Learn Something

Razor's 10 Ways to Make Your Commute Cooler - Learn Something New
Yes, you’re a captive audience to your commute, but you can use the time wisely. Listen to an audio book, TED Talk, or find a hot new podcast on earbud.fm. With an app like Duolingo, you could even learn Mandarin, the most common language in the world, or Archi, in case your commute takes you to the Caspian Sea.

6. Breathe

Conversely, your commute time is the perfect time to unplug and decompress. Try deep breathing exercises, chanting, or meditation – there are some great apps out there to help you move into the now, like Breath2Relax and Breathing Zone.

7. Trade in Your Ride

Razor's 10 Ways to Make Your Commute Cooler - Trade In Your Ride
Whether you commute locally or have one last mile to cover from the bus, train, or parking lot to your office, consider scooting, RipSurf’ing or riding a Hovertrax 2.0 to work. You’ll be sneaking in some exercise, breathing fresh air, and let’s face it, your commute will be a whole lot more fun.

8. Shoe Swap

Razor's 10 Ways to Make Your Commute Cooler - Swap Your Shoes
Change your shoes, change your mind! Alright, maybe we cheat a little…but Jetts Heel Wheels adjust to fit with your favorite pair of sneakers making them feel like a different pair of shoes. Meaning your walk, short or long, just transformed into a thrilling ride!

9. To Do to Done (ta dah!)

Using your commute to check those errands off your list makes travel time feel more like ‘you’ time. Take a minute to stop and shop on your way to and from work so that when you’re home, you’re done.

10. Stop and Smell the Roses

Razor's 10 Ways to Make Your Commute Cooler - Stop and Smell the Roses
Seriously! There’s got to be a planter outside your building or along your scooter route. Aside from breaking up your commute, stretching your back, and breathing fresh air, research proves that smelling roses decreases stress and produces a calming effect.

Surfs Up! With All-New Razor RipSurf

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All-New Razor RipSurf: Surf Where You Live!

Designed in Southern California, RipSurf has street surfers around the world rejoicing.* Razor’s all-new patented design allows riders to cut and carve up the city pavement, just like a real surfboard!

RipSurf 360

Revolutionize the Way You Surf
The RipSurf’s similarities don’t stop at its classic surfboard design and its rad colored, textured traction pad — it’s also been designed to share the same authentic surf-like ride! It’s two inclined caster urethane wheels have been moved closer together, allowing you to gain forward momentum the same way you would cut and carve up the surf.

How-To RipSurf Ride Guide

How To Ride Razor’s RipSurf
Stoked for the all-new RipSurf, but fear your surf skills are a little kooky? No worries bro, we got you covered! Grab a friend, little sibling or a wall (we’re not picky) and check out these steps to get started:

  1. Step onto the front (or nose) of the RipSurf. With the board in front of you, level out the deck and make sure you feel balanced before stepping on. Your foot should be perpendicular with the line that divides the RipSurf.
  2. Push off! Keep a hand on your friend and place your back foot on the traction pad as you push off and begin rolling.
  3. Build Momentum. Alternate pumping your feet back and forth, twisting at the waist (slowly) to begin building momentum. As you increase the size of this motion, the more speed you will build.
  4. Turn! Push down with the front foot in the direction you want to go. Lean on your back foot in the opposite direction to maintain balance and control your turn radius.

Or just catch a lesson with our man, Ali Kermani, the legend behind the board, who’s also brought us many other great things like DRIFT-mania with the wildly popular Crazy Cart.

Watch our RipSurf Ride Guide and nail the basics so you don’t wipe-out!


What board will you choose to make waves with in your city: CMYK or Black?

Razor RipSurf CMYKRazor RipSurf BK

*SurfersToday.com article published Feb. 25, 2016

Chicago, IL: Chicago Toy and Game Fair (ChiTAG)

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This is a fun-packed fair for families and kids of all ages! Razor will have our famous scooter demo booth where you can test out all the latest Razor rides!

Event: Chicago Toy and Game Fair (ChiTAG)
Date: Saturday Nov. 19th, 2016 & Sunday Nov. 20th, 2016
Time: 10:00am – 5:00pm CST
Location: Navy Pier
840 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL 60611

City of Industry, CA: Winter Drive Presented by AutoCon Events and Purist Group

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AutoCon Events in conjunction with Purist Group will host the fourth annual Winter Drive on Sunday, December 4th, 2016 at the Industry Hills Expo Center in the City of Industry, CA. The goal every year is to raise donations to provide aid to children of the less fortunate and their communities during this holiday season. The event will feature hundreds of the most unique cars in the world, live music + entertainment, fun activities, contests/raffles and giveaways. There is no entry fee to participate in the event, but we do ask that you please bring a new, unwrapped toy and/or school supplies (minimum $10 in value) in support of the cause.

Event: Winter Drive Presented by AutoCon Events and Purist Group
Date: Sunday — December 4th, 2016
Time: 10:00am – 4:00pm PST
Location: Industry Hills Expo Center
16200 Temple Ave, City of Industry, CA 91744