Surfs Up! With All-New Razor RipSurf

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All-New Razor RipSurf: Surf Where You Live!

Designed in Southern California, RipSurf has street surfers around the world rejoicing.* Razor’s all-new patented design allows riders to cut and carve up the city pavement, just like a real surfboard!

RipSurf 360

Revolutionize the Way You Surf
The RipSurf’s similarities don’t stop at its classic surfboard design and its rad colored, textured traction pad — it’s also been designed to share the same authentic surf-like ride! It’s two inclined caster urethane wheels have been moved closer together, allowing you to gain forward momentum the same way you would cut and carve up the surf.

How-To RipSurf Ride Guide

How To Ride Razor’s RipSurf
Stoked for the all-new RipSurf, but fear your surf skills are a little kooky? No worries bro, we got you covered! Grab a friend, little sibling or a wall (we’re not picky) and check out these steps to get started:

  1. Step onto the front (or nose) of the RipSurf. With the board in front of you, level out the deck and make sure you feel balanced before stepping on. Your foot should be perpendicular with the line that divides the RipSurf.
  2. Push off! Keep a hand on your friend and place your back foot on the traction pad as you push off and begin rolling.
  3. Build Momentum. Alternate pumping your feet back and forth, twisting at the waist (slowly) to begin building momentum. As you increase the size of this motion, the more speed you will build.
  4. Turn! Push down with the front foot in the direction you want to go. Lean on your back foot in the opposite direction to maintain balance and control your turn radius.

Or just catch a lesson with our man, Ali Kermani, the legend behind the board, who’s also brought us many other great things like DRIFT-mania with the wildly popular Crazy Cart.

Watch our RipSurf Ride Guide and nail the basics so you don’t wipe-out!


What board will you choose to make waves with in your city: CMYK or Black?

Razor RipSurf CMYKRazor RipSurf BK

* article published Feb. 25, 2016

Power Core E90: Power Up with More Torque and Double the Ride Time

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With Great Power Comes Great Fun

Watch the Power Core E90 ride video:

Power-up your ride with all new Power Core Technology

Featuring Razor’s new Power Core Technology, the Razor Power Core E90 ups the ante for electric scooters once again. Power Core is Razor’s breakthrough hub motor technology that integrates the electric motor directly into the rear wheel hub, which eliminates the need for a chain. More efficient and maintenance-free, the innovative Power Core hub motor gives the Power Core E90 up to 80 minutes of ride time, double the ride time of similar electric scooters!

Razor Power Core E90 hub-motor

The Full Power of Power Core
More ride time and more muscle power sounds awesome, right? It does, and there’s even more to the Power Core E90. Razor’s innovative Power Core E90 design delivers a whole list of benefits:

Razor Power Core E90 Features

Light and Strong

  • Light weight — only 22lbs
  • All steel frame
  • All steel fork

Enhanced Speed

  • Speeds up to 10 mph
  • 50% more torque for next level performance
  • Up to 80 minutes of ride time
  • 2X longer ride time than comparable scooters

Maintenance Free

  • No alignment required
  • No chain
  • No chain tensioner

Choose your next-level electric scooter style: Green or Pink.

Razor Power Core E90 GreenRazor Power Core E90 Pink


Just Landed! All-New Razor Jetts™ Heel Wheels

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All-New Razor Jetts: Strap on these heel wheels for high-flying fun!

GQ says Razor Jetts heel wheels may just be the hottest new way to roll in 2016!* Get your favorite kicks, step into Jetts, buckle up and blast off.
Turbocharge Your Sneakers
Favorite sneakers + Razor Jetts = the perfect pair. Even better? Razor Jetts are so easily adjustable that they can upgrade any kid’s size 12 to adult’s size 12 regular shoes into epic kicks. Gizmodo says even grown-ups can join in the Jetts fun.** Jetts are a great fit for everyone.

Razor Jetts

Spark Excitement
Activate the spark pad that comes with each pair of Jetts and ignite more excitement. Dig your heels into the pavement and leave a trail of sparks behind the runway.

Razor Jetts' Sparking Action!

Don’t Just Walk, Jett There
Soar around the park, at the mall, down the hall, around the block and even on your next commute – these wheels are designed to roll with you indoors or outdoors.

Choose between green or purple Jetts to start rolling like a rockstar. Pick up your pair of Jetts now!
Razor Jetts GreenRazor Jetts Purple

*GQ article published Jan. 26, 2016
**Gizmodo article published Jan. 26, 2016

Razor Hovertrax™ Ride Guide

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Learn how to master the ride of the Razor Hovertrax

Read the Hovertrax ride guide below to hone your skills, avoid spills and join the ranks of master Hovertrax riders.

Razor Hovertrax Guide to Hover-board-like Ride
Download the Hovertrax Ride Guide

It’s time to revolutionize the way you get from place to place. Stop living in the past and step up to the next level of transportation with the new Razor Hovertrax and Hovertrax DLX.

The Hovertrax combines innovative gyro-sensor technology that adjusts to your every move with dual-hub motors that power you forward.  Riding the Razor Hovertrax will feel like riding a hover board straight from the future.

With the Razor Hovertrax, the universe is yours to explore!

Choose your style: Red or Blue to experience the ultimate hover-board-like ride.

Razor Hovertrax Red

Which Razor Ride is the Perfect Holiday Gift?

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Be a Holiday Hero with Razor’s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide.

Which Razor ride would make a great gift? Match the rider with their perfect ride using our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide and be a Holiday Hero!

Don’t forget to take our Holiday Gift Guide with you to shop for your rider’s perfect ride!

Download the Razor Holiday Gift Guide

Step aside Santa, we’ve got a new holiday hero. Watch your rider’s eyes light up with all the possibilities of adventure as they unwrap their Razor gift. Then snap a pic of the joyous rider, share it on Razor’s Facebook page with the hashtag #RideRazor for a chance to win even more goodies.

And if you’re shopping for Santa himself, we think we have an idea what might be his perfect ride …