Download Razor Trickshare, the Free Razor Scooter App for iPhone, iPad and Android

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Razor Trickshare: The free Razor Scooter iPhone, iPad and Android App* Attribution: iPhone 6 Mockup courtesy of Cloud Castle

The iPhone 6 is available in stores this Friday, but you don’t have to wait until then to download the free Razor Trickshare app, available NOW for iPhone, iPad and Android devices. And if you’re stuck waiting in line Friday, make sure you have your Razor scooter and the Razor Trickshare app to share some tricks and have fun while you wait!

Download Razor Trickshare for iPhone and iPad

Download Razor Trickshare for Android

Razor Trickshare app features include:

Content Rating
Everyone, Ages 4+

15M (approx)

iOS Compatibility
Requires iOS 5.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Android Compatibility
2.2 and up

Top 10 Razor Ride Videos

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Curious what it’s like to take the Razor PowerRider 360 for a spin? Maybe you’ve got your eye on the MX650 Supercross-inspired electric dirt bike. Watch the Top 10 Razor Ride Videos from our RazorWorldwide YouTube Channel and take a virtual test drive of your favorite Razor ride. You’ll get a first person view of what it’s like from behind the wheel of the Razor Crazy Cart and more.

3 Simple Steps to Fold-and-Go Anywhere With Your Razor Scooter

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How to fold your Razor scooter in 3 simple steps

How easy is it to take your Razor scooter with you anywhere?

Just grab your Razor scooter, fold it and go. Follow these 3 simple steps and check out the graphic above:

  1. Slide out the grips

    Push the release buttons on the T-tube and pull the grip.

  2. Slide down the T-tube

    Unclamp the T-tube using the quick-release lever and push the T-tube down.

  3. Fold-and-go!

    This step is key: hold your Razor scooter upside-down in one hand by the T-tube, then push the joint release lever with your other hand—gravity will take it from here and your scooter will be folded and ready to go anywhere.

Check out the animated GIF below for just a few of the places our A2 scooter has been.

Razor Scooter – Fold-and-Go Animated GIF

Ready for more adventures?

Head over to RazorWorldwide’s YouTube Channel for ride videos and Team Razor’s YouTube Channel for videos showing how our pro sports team shreds.

Razor on YouTube

Team Razor on YouTube

Ride Your Way.

Save a Bus, Ride Razor

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Save a Bus, Ride a Razor

25 million+ students go to school by bus each day.
Commuting by school bus is the largest form of mass transit in America. And one yellow school bus keeps about 36 cars off the road, saving BILLIONS of dollars in fuel and reducing pollution in our air, according to the American School Bus Council. A+ for that! We’d like the whole world to save money and be eco-friendly when traveling—to school, on campus, to practice, wherever.

Your Homework: Take the Ride-to-School Pledge

Homework already?? Yeah, school just started, but this is the most fun homework assignment you’ll have all year—scout’s honor. Take a deep breath, think eco-friendly thoughts and fill out the pledge below. When you’ve finished, we challenge you to share it with your eco-friendly friends and check back later to see if we post your entry as one of our favorites.

  • I do hereby promise to go green by riding a Razor
  • to
  • every day, instead of
  • in a
  • . My hometown,
  • , will have cleaner air and less
  • , which I think is
  • . Save a
  • , ride a Razor!
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

All Razor rides are powered by foot or electricity

…never gasoline. Razor rides are fun, healthy and eco-friendly ways to ride. Heard of a “green thumb?” Turn both of your feet green with these foot-powered Razor rides.

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