Corporate History

From the launch of the original A model scooter to the introduction of new products and our support of the growing pro scooter movement, Razor has been a leader in new categories of rides and action sports – one we continue to help define.

A History of Innovation

A History of Innovation

The original Razor scooter launches, 5 million sold in 6 months

ico 2000

The Razor scooter wins Toy Of The Year

ico 2001

Razor reinvents a classic – the Scream Machine®

ico 2002

Electric scooters are introduced

ico 2003

New Electric Ride-On category is created

ico 2004

The Pro Model kick scooter launches

ico 2005

The MX350, E300 and Pocket Mod receive Top 15 Awards from Playthings

ico 2006

RipStik makes its debut with national TV Advertising

ico 2007

The PowerWing® introduces new side-to-side technology

ico 2008

RipRider 360™ dominates top toy accolades

ico 2009

Razor marks its 10th Anniversary, over 35 million scooters sold

ico 2010

Pro scooter movement takes off

ico 2011

Razor launches new brands Vapor™ and Pony Royale™

ico 2012

Team Razor Demos X-Games Los Angeles

ico 2012

FlashRider 360: Outdoor Toy of the Year Finalist

ico 2013

Crazy Cart: Winner Outdoor Toy of the Year

ico 2014